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the PRC doesn't stand for anything.

the PRC-77 (and the improved PRC-770) are military VHF FM transcievers, that have been used sence 1960, and are slowly being phased out because the US Army likes them.

Frequency Coverage:
30.0000 to 76.0000 MHz
channel spacing:
50 kHz
Power Output:
5 watts
10 miles on a bad day
5 miles when the VC are shooting at you
30 miles when you get back to base

PRC-77s are used as manpack radios (straped to the back of GIs and used for unit-to-unit communications), if you've ever seen the movie "Platoon", the PRC-77 is the radio that all the Americans are carrying on thier backs.
or they are installed as radios in Humvees and tanks. (i.e. all the antennas on military viecles are connected to PRC-77s.

widly copied by every NATO member, so all the good guys can talk to each other.
"Roger, get the PRC-77 on 41.75 and call HQ"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 21, 2003
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