High Quality in relation to images

also see
SHQ - Super High Quality

UHQ - Ultra High Quality
Hey those pictures are really HQ!
by NetFreak April 13, 2005
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Shortform for "headquarters".
Officer Smith: We've got some new orders from HQ -- we are to proceed with caution to the bank at East and Main.

Officer Jones: 10-4
by rapmasta April 21, 2004
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HQ = High Quality. Mostly used to describe pictures or music videos, performances, ect.
Wow! that music vid's so HQ! Thanks! =
by tvxq fan September 22, 2005
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Half-Quart. A half of a quarter of an ounce. ie. 3.5 grams. Almost always in reference to a half-quart deal of marijuana. (also known as an 1/8 ounce)
To dealer over the Phone: "Hey man, yo got any HQ's?"
by Diego September 29, 2003
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{Verb} To Hit and Quit; having sex with a girl then breaking things off the next morning/day.

RP: Yo I just HQ'd that chick; Man you got HQ'd!; I think I'm gonna HQ her.
by jarret141414 October 14, 2008
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A Person, place or thing that is the resting place for all knowledge. Also known as central location to ideas that are invaluable.
Yo, that person is HQ.
by HQ101 February 29, 2008
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an acronym for the anime "Haikyū!!" (also spelled Haikyuu)
"i'm in a huge hq brainrot right now and i can't stop thinking about it..."
by milkinoom January 5, 2021
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