41%, or the statistic of how many transgender people have attempted to commit suicide.

Sometimes used as a synonym for suicide.
by transliberationnow February 10, 2021
close to the answer for Life, the Universe, and Everything
41 falls short of 42 by one forty-secondth of the ultimate answer: so close and yet so far

41 == pathetisad fail
by Hellion Shores January 13, 2013
A good looking or HOT, female. Used as a code so others will not know what you are talking about.
Look at that 41 behind us or thats a 41 at the door.
by Danley February 7, 2008
Forty plus one is FORTY ONE!

What’s wrong with 41?

by AnOrganism April 20, 2021
This is a sex act. Both of the male and female are standing up with the female bending over. The female then proceeds to put her head in between her legs to suck on the male’s balls.
Me: yea we 41’d last night. She is so flexible!
when a male gets a boner
wow that dude has a huge 41
by Tink2213 April 16, 2019