I am going to go in that room, and engage in a session of modulation
by Slau November 15, 2007
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A MIDI-like music file format that was originally created for the Commodore Amiga computer. As the module file format became more popular, it was eventually transferred to other computing platforms, and split up into seperate subformats. Modules are extremely flexible because, unlike MIDI files, they can use individual wave samples as instruments in addition to the samples already provided by the sound hardware. Although modules are perfect for making techno music, some composers have managed to create jazz, rock, pop, ethnic, hip-hop, and even symphony orchestra music. Composers and sequencers of module music are called trackers, and the place where module music is exchanged is called a scene. The module music format is starting to gain notoriey in the videogame industry, and was used in popular games such as Unreal and Homeworld.

Note: A module is NOT the same as an MP3.

Most popular Module Subformats:
Pro Tracker (MOD)
Impulse Tracker (IT)
Scream Tracker 3 (S3M)
Fast Tracker 2 (XM)
Unreal Music (UMX)
Unis 669 (669)
Mad Tracker (MT2)
Visit www.modarchive.com if you want to listen to module music.
by AYB February 18, 2003
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A combination of "model" and "dull" indicating an attractive person with no personality.
"I really hope I find a life-partner for a loving committed relationship soon. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever find anyone I can truly connect with. Do you ever have these feelings Charlotte?"
"No, I just want to bag a modull, talking hurts my mouth.."
by PappyD May 18, 2007
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The no.1 cause of depression
That all students deal with
I heard he killed himself because of modules
by Deus autem WAP November 8, 2020
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The best music format which is better than an mp3 because you can actually sequence it with your own samples.
With so many mod music sites out there, who needs mp3s?
by Anonymous March 5, 2003
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(nicknamed "mods") An old sequencing system rarely mentioned in pop culture but very popular in the underground music scene. You'll be amazed at how good some of the music really is.
I can fit several of my favorite mods on a floppy disk.
by tEcHnOfAnAtIc February 27, 2003
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what are you working out today? I'm going hard on my mods (modules)... no big deal

This protien is feeding my modules big time...no big deal

EH! I said check out my modules...yeah I know...no big deal
by Mr.Solid March 28, 2008
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