To be surfing the line of the wave for a good amount of time.

Riding smoothly and flawlessly down the line of the wave.
The waves are breaking perfect for a linear ride.

"Rob is one of my favorite surfers. He's so linear every time he gets on the board."
by ngimene February 4, 2009
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(radio slang)

An amplifier used after the transceiver output. So named for its purity of amplification. Linear, in the mathematical sense, means that what comes out is directly proportional to what goes in. As far as linear amps go, if you double the input, the output is doubled and so on. This does not generate any additional frequency byproducts. If the amp is nonlinear, sums, differences and all combinations of those are generated also.
Yeah, I got a new silver eagle freeband linear, and were putting out a california kilowatt now.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 1, 2004
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A linear structure-of-truth (timestamp) in contrast to a cyclical structure-of-truth.

Instances include historical materialism, negative formalism, and post-structuralism.
Linearism creates a linear structure-of-truth from cyclical elements; leaving to Hinduism the conundrum of creating a cyclical structure-of-truth from linear elements.
by sandrashine September 16, 2018
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The act of aligning or focusing ideas,and/or objects in a linear (strait lined) fashion
Cephalization is a huge advantage for the animal world for the purpose of creating the centralized nervous system with sensory organs such as olfactory senses, sight or just the basic linearization of nervous tissue toward the head or sometimes anterior regions. This helps the animal to learn, adapt, compete for resources, and procreate within it's ecosystem, basically to think and learn.
by ChillaxdBrat June 23, 2011
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Linear means “go kill yourself

It is a common slang word in bullying used so teachers and most people don’t do anything about it so the bully doesn’t get in trouble because teachers and most people don’t know what it means.
Boy: Hey Amy!
Amy: what
Boy: Linear

*amy tells her teacher and her teacher looks up what the word means*
Teacher: it just means eyeliner he’s not saying anything mean, he’s saying your beautiful! Don’t worry about it :)

*the boy continues to say “Linear” to Amy every single day and now She has thoughts of killing herself with no one to help her and make the boy stop*
by Satanbaby666 May 13, 2020
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