PewDiePie’s current bitch while they sit in 2nd place for most subscribed youtube channel, not that it actually matters anymore, because every good content creators channel is going to die, including pewds, thanks to article 13.
Guy#1: hey, did you hear how close t-series is to passing PewDiePie in subscribers?

Guy#2: who cares anymore? YouTube is dying now thanks to article 13.

Guy #1 and 2 together: fuck you article 13!
by JamHam04 December 17, 2018
An Indian YouTube channel. While it is believed that T-series will beat Pewdiepie eventually, the nine-year-old army shall not give up.
Nine-year-old: T-series sucks, subscribe to Pewdiepie!
Me, an intellectual: bitch lasagna
by unidentfiedhuman November 21, 2018
Losing/winning the war against the King of YouTube,Pewdiepie.Started up by selling pirated songs,but now the vevo of India for some reasons...
"T-series ain't nothing but bitch lasagna."~~~Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg,2017
by BrexitIsAJoke April 16, 2019
What is the channel with the most subscription? T-series
by DankWarrior703 March 21, 2020
A company that thinks they are the greatest YouTube account out there, but they suck because YouTube is for creative INDIVIDUALS NOT COMPANIES!!
Person 1 “Dude I just bought a ton of sub bots on YouTube!” “Now I’m gonna be famous.”
Person 2 “Ugh, your such a T-series.”
by thehamwithcheese March 4, 2019