Confirmed by scientists to be the last thing a meme sees before it dies.
Meme: *chokes* What is this stabbing pain I feel in my heart? No... It can't be. I.. I'm dying. The... the normiefags are taking over my heart. NOOOOO *voice fades away*
Meme pages: Oh no, a meme just got PewDiePie'd.
by MrSister46 June 02, 2018
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Pewdiepie {Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg} is a youtuber originally from Sweden. He currently has 60 million+ subscribers and is "The King of YouTube" with nearly 15 billion views on his channel. He started out in 2010 doing "Let's Play" videos and being very playful and honestly cringey. He called his fans "The Bro Army" and had a signature "Bro Fist" at the end of his videos.

As the years went by he became more honest, mature, and sarcastic in his videos. He started making less gaming videos more videos of him discussing/reacting to things like his current segments "Meme Review", "LWIAY", and "You Laugh You Lose".

At one he was being accused of being Anti-Semetic for making "Nazi jokes", losing his contract with Disney and his 2nd season of "Scare Pewdiepie" on YouTubeRed was cancelled. Pewdiepie is not hateful towards any race he's just a funny guy who loves to make videos. The fiasco started with him being a victim to the Wall Street Journal being desperate for people to read their articles by taking his videos out of context.

He posts a new video everyday taking breaks on his "vacation time". He pokes fun at other Youtubers like Jacksepticeye {a good friend of his whom he respects} and jokes on himself in videos {like having no original content}. His main theme is just to be himself on YouTube and hopefully have his videos monetized because YouTube gives him no warning when this happens.
Person 1: Hey who's the most subscribed person on YouTube?
Person 2: that's Pewdiepie

Person 1: you mean that cringey baby faced mf who screams like a little girl that plays amnesia is the most subscribed on YouTube?!
Person 2: that's the old Pewdiepie, he's changed. He's has different humor now, bearded, sarcastic, and gives his opinion on things not caring what anyone says about him but still respecting his fans and fellow wahmens opinion so long as it doesn't hurt anybody
Person 1: oh wtf
Person 2: check him out sometime when you can
by Friskisatihop February 06, 2018
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A blonde Sweden who has gained huge amounts of popularity on YouTube by playing horror games and screaming like a five-year-old girl.
"How's it going bros? My name is Pewdiepie! Today we're going to play (insert game title here).
by Señor Culo November 18, 2014
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The most subscribed youtuber who rules over youtube with an iron fist. Once a hilarious gaming channel full of everyday weirdness, he has become puppeted by massive corporations and cringey clickbait, but due to his high subscriber amount, nobody can do anything about it, and nobody ever will.
by pill cosby February 01, 2017
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