(Di-suh-ka) A Vine meme where a normal looking video suddenly transitions into the music video for the Japanese electric dance song, Daisuke. Started by Japanese Viners in March, 2015, it quickly gained the attention of users on the phone app iFunny after user UltimateCringeVine began posting the meme, presenting the meme to a largely American audience. It has since gained a small but growing meme-base on both Vine and iFunny.
I was not expecting the Daisuke meme when I began watching that video. I got Daisuked.
by Strangelove April 11, 2015
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1.- Anime Character form DNA Angel

2.- Common Name in japan

3.- Digimon 02 Main character name (dubbed as Davis)

4.-The most important person for me in the world,my boyfriend, the, a Great j-rock knower, once you know him, you wont let him go of you side
"So, you know Daisuke?"
by Neko-Shin April 24, 2006
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People usually simp for this man, and those people are usually named eric, sometimes. But daisukes are also very oblivious sometimes.
Daisuke: i like plants
Eric: marry me
Daisuke: huh
by Ilikecatsanddogs1111111 April 9, 2021
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Daisuke is the guy you simp for , especially that girl Dana , she's obsessed with him. LIKE!?&?.^.^.&.&: SHEESH HE'S ALSO RICH THO GIMME MONEY
Daisuke: *breathes*
Dana: marry me
Daisuke: what
by what72 July 17, 2021
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-Basically a rich ass police detective from the anime, Balance: Unlimited, also known as, "The Millionaire Detective." All he does is throw money in front of people with an AI butler named HEUSC but let me tell you, he's fucking hot as hell and when I watch the first episode of this show, I already became a simp for him do you won't be able to stop thinking about him. Just watch the anime and you'll see. ;))
Daisuke Kambe = Rich
by OfficialKambe September 1, 2020
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A fine as FUCK man who is rich and an asshole. That’s it. That’s all there is too him.
Person: Woah who is this man!!!
Me : doesn’t even look
Me: It’s Dadd- I mean Daisuke Kanbe.
by Weeboroki May 28, 2020
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Daisuke Kambe is so hot, he got all the weebs simping before the first episode was even released.
That guy? Oh that's Daisuke Kambe.
Its time to simp.
by Simp69 April 13, 2020
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