39 definitions by Helen

pls pronounce it and you will found it means "back". like "phone" and "fone". got it?
Helen is coming baq next month.
by Helen July 24, 2004
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Queen Bee -for the popular, menacing leaders(no1 really likes them!)

Sidekick - sidekick of the queen bee

The Banker - who can make and break reputations with their gossip (they use gossip to better themselves)

The target - who the queen bee and sidekick are mean to most

The floater - someone who floats in between the different social groups.

The wannabe -thrive to please but are often looked upon with contempt
shes the queen bee!! and they r her sidekicks
by helen July 15, 2004
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More than a blowjob; it's when a girl, or guy (men are capable of doing this too!) actually hums (thus vibrating her lips) when her mouth has encased your engorged penis or balls.
your mom gives great hummers.
by helen May 06, 2005
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Preppy- Preppy people are people that DO NOT shop at a&f or american eagle.
To find out if somebody is a true prep they must have these qualities-
1. They are old money
2. live in places such as nyc,palm beach,virginia,kentucky,pennsylvania,mass., and conneticut and some rich areas of texas.
3. summer- on the coast of maine,fishers island, or any foreign country...the hamptons, cape cod and nantucket have become too new money and are no longer prep.
4.preps wear gucci loafers,barbour jackets,wear pearls, tiffanys jewelry,wear ribbon belts, rainbow flip flops or any flip flops,wear lacoste or lilly, rl polo has become too cheap, wear j-crew pants, rl cable knit sweaters,ribbons in their hair,not veyr much makeup,jack rogers shoes, and wear sevens or citizens jeans.
5. preps do not go to malls and if they do the only place they hit is saks, neimans or nords (those are last resort) and always hit bendels and bergs and c-orrico
6.preps ALWAYS attend boarding schools such at foxcroft,deerfield,miss porters,middlesex,taft,hotchkiss,episcopal,kent, or saint pauls.
7. preps always are from a long line of preps that have race horses that run in the kentucky derby etc.
8. preps also play sports such as lacrosse,field hockey,golf,tennis,polo, and they ride.
9. preps are always nice people.
Foxcroft is so prep.
by Helen October 10, 2004
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a dude that likes to sleep a lot and has a really hard hockey slap shot
grizztank kicked ass in todays hockey game then got home and went into hybernation till the next game
by helen August 29, 2004
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used in the same way as the word 'yes'
have you seen by bicycle clips?
yaagen, theyre in your lilac bum bag
by helen March 19, 2004
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An old person, see also fogie
He's a fugan!
by Helen March 26, 2003
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