39 definition by Helen

Helen Weng
guy1: let's go see some hooters girls
guy2: hell yeah! helen weng is the hottest!
by Helen June 06, 2003

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Slang word meaning friends, originated in Sutton schools see: mate homey blod bredrin friend
Yo, Mr Gardners safe, he's my traps.
by Helen January 21, 2005

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someone named aram, ram, and rambus
Grizztank: Ba-a-a-a-a-m-biiiiiii

Bambi: whats up grizz!!
by helen August 29, 2004

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Can mean ANYTHING, or is just said randomly at any given time.
"Womp!" Said Kitty.
"Womp! Womp-o!" Said Steffi.
"Eat shit and WOOOOOOOOOOOMP!" Says Helen
"We're so womp" said the triplets
by Helen January 24, 2005

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