39 definition by Helen

when someone burns their wrist with either a lighter, candle, ect. as a form of self-injury or si.
my friends been burning her wrists lately
by helen March 26, 2004

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Big bottomed waddling one
there goes a phillippa or look at that its a phillippa
by Helen December 02, 2003

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A non-combative, friendly anus.
Wow, was that anus friendly. He was a nus.
by Helen February 15, 2005

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Borrowed from Southpark's Timmy who while sweet and sexy has only the ability to speak his own name. With the exception of when he falls for Gobbles.
hmnah gehma TIMMY! or Jeus, you are Timmy's.
by helen June 26, 2003

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silly drunken man whore who likes to think he is one for the girls!
Oh Woose not again!
by Helen December 05, 2003

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Eedle is deedle's brother. They almost are never separated.
Eedle deedle, eedle deedle.
by Helen February 13, 2005

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If sum1 says sumit and ya want a gd cumbac without finkin u jus go bothered!!!
person 1: U pussy hole

by Helen June 02, 2004

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