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Eedle is deedle's brother. They almost are never separated.
Eedle deedle, eedle deedle.
by helen February 14, 2005
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demtrius is my boyfriend and is the hottest guy in town we have been going out forever he is so sweet and caring so if any of u bitches fuck around with him i will kick ur asses
by helen January 25, 2004
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A state of Double Happiness. Usually seeing double and being doubly happy.
God that drink made my head Double-H'ed.
by helen February 25, 2005
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Preppy- Preppy people are people that DO NOT shop at a&f or american eagle.
To find out if somebody is a true prep they must have these qualities-
1. They are old money
2. live in places such as nyc,palm beach,virginia,kentucky,pennsylvania,mass., and conneticut and some rich areas of texas.
3. summer- on the coast of maine,fishers island, or any foreign country...the hamptons, cape cod and nantucket have become too new money and are no longer prep.
4.preps wear gucci loafers,barbour jackets,wear pearls, tiffanys jewelry,wear ribbon belts, rainbow flip flops or any flip flops,wear lacoste or lilly, rl polo has become too cheap, wear j-crew pants, rl cable knit sweaters,ribbons in their hair,not veyr much makeup,jack rogers shoes, and wear sevens or citizens jeans.
5. preps do not go to malls and if they do the only place they hit is saks, neimans or nords (those are last resort) and always hit bendels and bergs and c-orrico
6.preps ALWAYS attend boarding schools such at foxcroft,deerfield,miss porters,middlesex,taft,hotchkiss,episcopal,kent, or saint pauls.
7. preps always are from a long line of preps that have race horses that run in the kentucky derby etc.
8. preps also play sports such as lacrosse,field hockey,golf,tennis,polo, and they ride.
9. preps are always nice people.
Foxcroft is so prep.
by helen October 11, 2004
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The meaning of this word means that "katelyn" is a fun, loving, caring person. She's an inner freak & only holds it down for one person. She's loyal, humble, and understandable. She's also beautiful
"I need a girl like her" "Where's Katelyn"
by helen October 20, 2014
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The oldest ice hockey team in British history. Have not won the league since 1956 and have not won anything else for several years.

They hate the sheffield steelers
the nottingham panthers lost the league/challenge cup/play offs (delete as appropriate) to the sheffield steelers, again!
by helen February 13, 2004
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