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A group of people who take an amount of money equivlent to their military spending in subsidies from the EU. Also couldnt pay for their olympics due to their finincal and industrial inetpitude.
"Man I am so lucky Im not a greek"
by He who arises in might November 26, 2004
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A crime. Quite terrible in nature. Often causes sever phycological damage to victim. Forced sexual intercourse. Often very violent in more then just a sexual way. No I am not some feminazi either! I am a male solider in the airbourne. So dont be saying its only somthing whiny girls dont like.

"That MOFO raped my good friend. So I took my boys out and we beat him into the hospital."
"That MOFO raped my good friend. So I took my boys out and we beat him into the hospital."
by He who arises in might January 3, 2004
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as stated above; also. Part of a thermoneculear bomb. IT is sent into fusion by way of a fissile reaction. (Uranium bomb, plutonium gun) Then it procedes to be setn off by the extreme heat and presure into fusion to form He-3. The end result is KA FUCKING BOOOM!
Fat boy was a plutonium gun of about 750Kton. Mike was a tritium fusion bomb, about 10Mtonnes.
by He who arises in might April 7, 2004
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A sport bike, usually japanese, but somtimes italian, rarley german (the new BWM K1200R) or american (buell) The minimum that really is a crotch rocket is along the lines of the classic 2 strokers like the RZ350 or the NS400r, cominng up to the the pinnicle in the likes of the RCv211 or the yamaha M1. More common examples are along the likes of the ninja/GSXr/YZFr/CBR series.

Very fast, even the slowest of these (the RZ350 and NS400R) can run times in 11's in bone stock. with somthing like a turboed GSX1300R hitting 7's.
Did ya see the turbo busa video where the crotch rocket rips a big ol viper a new asshole?
by He who arises in might September 24, 2004
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A so called place of learning. Where you spend much time writing essays and having debates on useless subjects with arrogant men and women who think they are much smarter then they are.(see www.lotrplaza.com for more on arrogance) The smartest thing you can do, is drop out. It wont ruin your future, it wont make you stupider. it will just open your eyes to a differnt world

--Ex Univeristy of Toronto Skule (engineering) student. Who was passing with a 85% in my engineering, and 95+ in physics minor/intrest.
Man, college suckers so many people out their money and life...
by He who arises in might December 15, 2004
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A city in north Ontario. A mill town. A lot of nice people, who know how to party, just stop breaking into kap Inn to party :p. All in All, a great place for a summer outdoors vacation, or even to live if you really enjoy the Outdoors.
"I went to Kapuskasing and got drunk"
by He who arises in might July 27, 2004
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A god like MotoGP racer
Rossi on a TZ125 would wax my ass even if I was on a RC211v.
by He who arises in might October 14, 2004
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