You know what uranium is, right? It’s this thing called nuclear weapons. And other things. Like lots of things are done with uranium. Including some bad things.
by Sarcor February 17, 2017
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Uranium is element number 92 on the Periodic table.
The best soft of Uranium you can use for making bombs is Uranium 235 (This means that is only has 235 nucleons)
Hi Papa! I brought homoe some Uranium 238, let's make a bomb!
Son, r u dumb! This is not gut enoff! Get some Uranium 235!
by Plettner May 7, 2014
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A show on Fuse where Juliya, the host, interviews bands badly.
Juliya interviewed System of a Down twice, and the second time, she, Serj, and Daron got in a fight.

Juliya: You keep giving me one word answers!
Serj: What if one word answers the question?
Daron: We do an interview any way we want to, just like we make our music. We don't make it for radio, we don't make it for Uranium, we make it for answer all your questions about why the band is big...because we're honest.
by Ditzymon March 21, 2007
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gay ass show that plays gay ass metal

the gayest thing since rap and emo and nu metal and lip-synching and boy/girl bands
fuck mtv and anything that resembles it (like this shit)
by headbangers ball is gay November 1, 2004
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A masterfully crafted response to the famously deadly "you mom gay" roast.
Believed to be forged by the finest of roasters, possibly even a level 3 sound cloud rapper.

Nobelium & Uranium are both elements. Nobelium's symbol is "No" and Uranium's is "U".
Combined, they make the response "No U".
Not only is "No U" an effective reply to any roast, but in this form it reflects your intelligence and can make their stupidity known, amplifying the affect of the response, ruining their career if used effectively.
12 year old COD gamer: "yo'ure mom gay"
You, blessed with an IQ of 5000: "Nobelium Uranium"
12 year old COD gamer: "Wtf bro"
- *12 year old COD gamer left the game*
by Foxzes February 25, 2018
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"Put the Uranium in the Bucket" is a phrase used by the most elite of Machine operators. This phrase represents courage, determination and third stage leukemia
"now, with your bare hands put the uranium in the bucket... if you know what I mean"
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