a person either born in greece or of greek descent. fond of foods like gyros, souvlaki, tiropita, spanikopita, etc. usually most alcoholic consumption comes from ouzo. Almost all Greeks or Greek-Americans are Greek Orthodox, and have strong values on the importance of family.Most greek americans will still call their grandmother "YiaYia" and their Grandfather "Papou" Most greeks are extrememly proud of the great thinks the ancient greeks have done, such as democracy, philosophy, ancient military tactics, etc. Mostly have a strong dislike for people from Turkey, due to the several wars between the two countries. Many young male Greeks in the NYC area self identify with the Italian Guido lifestyle because of the many similarities between the two cultures (family, food, meditterranean lifesyle, pride of the cultures, etc.) with clothes like armani exchange and gelled hair. Many of these Greek guidos live in Astoria, Queens. Greek-Americans usually connect very well with other "patriotis" or fellow greeks. Some typical male greek names are Yiannis (john) Yiorgos (George) Constantinos (Gus) Xristos or Christos (Chris) and with last names that end in "os", "as", or "is". Most Greek males greatly value masculinity. All around greeks are very kind and proud people.
Anyone who has anything against Greeks is most definately a megalo malaka avlaca.
by the sleek greek August 28, 2006
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anal sex
u go up to a chick and u ask them if they're greek.
if the chick sez no, then u say to her, "want some in you??"
meaning anal sex...
Guy: R u GREEK???
Girl: No!
Guy: Want some in you???
by blthrskt December 29, 2005
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/noun/(1) a citizen of Greece; (2) a person whose ancestors are from Greece

/adjective/ referring to things or ideas that originated in Grecce
by Paul Thundergod May 11, 2004
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a kick ass person who has at least 26-89 cousins, killer parties on every major holiday with the exception of Roshushanna and Hanukkah, loves to drink undiluted ouzo, and is referred to/responds to "Greek" while being passed in the hallways of school.
Dude, you're so greek.

'Sup, Greek!

I wish I was Greek.
by zt! January 19, 2005
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Beautiful language, very hard working people. The country is very peaceful and is a very ancient country which attracts many tourists. They make very good food, very nice people, beautiful country and language.
I'm part Greek from my father.
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a peace loving, easy going beautiful race that is too hung up on its past but have contributed greatly in the diaspora; greeks have their faults but i feel that we are generally a nice race; and for that telly guy who bags the greeks - go fuck yourself !
Im proud that my cultural heritage is greek !
by hellenika September 6, 2003
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The smartest people god ever put on this earth.Born to drink ouzo and eat lots of food. Have the best looking women, and can cook better than any other culture or race. Born to despise and hate any piece of skata from the country of Turkey. All around, the best people to ever exist.
A greek is a person is someone who is able to say their people, present and past, are gods most perfect creations.
by Iannis November 26, 2005
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