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Anal sex. Used mostly as a euphemism in prostitution circles.
I looked at the newspaper ad of 'Lola', she specifically said 'No Greek'.
by Fang Teng October 05, 2003
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a person either born in greece or of greek descent. fond of foods like gyros, souvlaki, tiropita, spanikopita, etc. usually most alcoholic consumption comes from ouzo. Almost all Greeks or Greek-Americans are Greek Orthodox, and have strong values on the importance of family.Most greek americans will still call their grandmother "YiaYia" and their Grandfather "Papou" Most greeks are extrememly proud of the great thinks the ancient greeks have done, such as democracy, philosophy, ancient military tactics, etc. Mostly have a strong dislike for people from Turkey, due to the several wars between the two countries. Many young male Greeks in the NYC area self identify with the Italian Guido lifestyle because of the many similarities between the two cultures (family, food, meditterranean lifesyle, pride of the cultures, etc.) with clothes like armani exchange and gelled hair. Many of these Greek guidos live in Astoria, Queens. Greek-Americans usually connect very well with other "patriotis" or fellow greeks. Some typical male greek names are Yiannis (john) Yiorgos (George) Constantinos (Gus) Xristos or Christos (Chris) and with last names that end in "os", "as", or "is". Most Greek males greatly value masculinity. All around greeks are very kind and proud people.
Anyone who has anything against Greeks is most definately a megalo malaka avlaca.
by the sleek greek August 28, 2006
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A person from the country Greece.

Used as a slang term for anal sex.

Used to express your lack of knowledge of a certain topic.
I'm Greek and I come from a country named Greece.

I was with a girl last night and she wanted me to do it Greek with her.

Everything you're saying is Greek to me.
by King_John December 04, 2003
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People from Greece or are Greek- American

have the longest ass last names you will ever here

Love to have a good time, drink, party, and surprisingly go to church aswell.

Hard working, and hate slackers.

put and includes family before everything
Hey Maria Pappasziotolopous can I come to your party on Saturday?

Yea Jim, all my yiayias 2nd cousins and uncles will be there too! :D

it's alright I love Greeks!
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People that are fun to party with
alex-where were u yesterday?
jim-Parting with some Greeks
alex-DAMMIT i knew i should have gone god i wish i were greek
by the ownnage master January 21, 2005
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Greeks, how could I define this? I won't repeat what many other definitions have said, like "Greeks invented everything" or "Are opposites to Turks." Indeed, they have invented great bases for the world to evolve on, such as philosophy or democracy - but I assure you, that is not everything. And it would be great the Greek's mentality could move on and get over the problems with Turkey. We Greeks tend to be welcoming, caring and know how to partaaay. Like every civilization, there are issues, such as our aggressive attitude. Yes yes, our economy may be fucked up right now, but that doesn't give anyone the right to critisize the people and the country itself. The government is to blame. OPA!
I can't say Greeks are the best people in the world, but I can say that I love them, truely.
by abbaqueen March 08, 2011
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Greeks are the best people on this planet. They have the longest and greatest history. They invented everything and dont let anyone fool you because they really did. Italians, Turks, Germans and other nationalities can NOT compare to the GREEKS. They are very passionate, warm, kind-hearted, loving people. They always do things for others. Most are very successful and a lot own restaurants. Are very fun to party with (have great drinks ... ouzo)and know when to be serious. I love hanging out with my Greek buds because they have really hot sisters and there sisters have really hot Greek friends. Also, for the ladies Greeks have a nice package if you know what i mean. Greek guys are cool to chill with and are easy to get along with. Also, really funny and outgoing. Greek girls are attractive, nice, funny, and just amazing. They all know how to dance.. its just in their blood. All the people try to steal their ideas, but just know when you se something that is amazing and successful ... 99.9% of the time its Greek!!!
random: I wish I had a Greek friend!!!!
other random: me too, Greeks are amazing!!!
by italiannprideee November 28, 2010
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