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A genre of music that only the most depressed or lonely teenager would ever want to listen to. Heavily celebrated by Gen-X posers.
Glum: "Death Metal for Jesus' s new single 'Life Sucks and Then You Die' is the best"
Shoegazer: "You're stoopid! 'Too Drunk to Fuck' by Dead Kennedys will always be the best song ever!
Norm Al Rocker: "Why do you listen to Complaint Rock? Aren't you sad enough as it is?"
by HAFSNT August 31, 2016

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Dust storms on Mars. Name derived from haboobs on earth. May be any size or shape, although the largest ones are most famous. Often round or oval, ranging from very light red or pink to nearly black. May occur in pairs, but three at one time are extremely rare. Difficult to predict when they will come in, their size or shape, but eventually gravity destroys them and they just fade away, falling to the ground.
NASA Ensign Fook Mei: Commander! There appears to be one, no two! huge reddish pink dust storms busting out on Mars! Its maboobs!
Commander Pi Hoal: Curiosity will lead us to explore maboobs.
Mei: What about Opportunity?
Hoal: Yes, never miss an opportunity to explore, photograph, measure, sample, and get into Maboobs.
Mei: I mean, shall I drive the probe right up in the valley between maboobs?
Hoal: Yes, I want the taxpayer to enjoy, like they are reaching out and feeling maboobs.
by HAFSNT July 12, 2018

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A gang-bang where the receiving participant enjoys 73 men, preferably sailors, and rides their way into history. Especially enjoyed in San Francisco; receiver often male.
Slutty Mushroom Girl: "Oh I can barely walk today!"

Anal Emma: "Why?"

Slutty Mushroom Girl: My bf talked me into doing a Ride Captain Ride this weekend."
by HAFSNT December 07, 2012

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Wholly consumed by evil and in its grip.
Guys hate breakups because they are possessive. Girls don't care because they're possesed.
by HAFSNT August 29, 2017

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