proposition that follows from one proved
Jo likes all things pink. Her cap is pink.

This is a logical corollary of the fact that Jo likes her cap.
by SCJ May 13, 2006
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"It is impossible for an act of Fundamentalism to be made that SOMEONE won't mistake for a parody."
Fundamentalist: "God killed all of the babies and little kids in the Flood because he loves them all."

Normal Person #1: "All right, I'm calling Poe's Law."

Normal Person #2: "Nope, this nut is for real. Poe's Corollary."
by Sleeker July 22, 2008
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a rule meant to prevent the unnecessary wastes of time waiting on another person who is woefully and unrepentantly inconsiderate
The cuauhtemock corollary is as follows: If two parties agree to meet at a certain time and one party does not show up, the aggrieved party shall wait no longer than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes with no form of communication from the late party it will be assumed said party is deceased and the aggrieved will be free to leave said meeting place and carry on with their day.
by Dodio_1 May 4, 2010
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Related to Lloyd Webber's Law Of Temporal Positioning. The law states taht people who arrive at a theatre after their performance has started will always have seats in the middle of a row, causing as much annoyance for the other theatregoers as possible.
The Lyttleton Theatre at the NT (London) seems to know which theatregoers will be late, and invoke Mackintosh's Corollary on purpose.
by Sairin January 6, 2005
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Schnoo's Corollary: The first person to invoke the name of Stalin in an argument (outside of a discussion of Russian history or politics) should be immediately sent to the gulag.
Rush Limbaugh, in defending his inane remarks on "phony soldiers", declared out of the blue that "Stalinists have taken over the Left" in America. To follow the strictures of Schnoo's Corollary, Limbaugh should be shown what a real gulag is like forthwith.
by Manny Morgan October 4, 2007
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An axiomatic theorum which states: There is a frequent correlation between a woman's mental instability and her sexual passion.
"Remember that chick he left the bar with last night? He said she was all over him in her car before they even left the parking lot; then her bouncer-ex-boyfriend started smacking on the hood with a timber chain and..."

"Another proof for the McAllister Corollary!"
by Scott Mansfield November 20, 2006
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In response to "Xabys Law" (people that have pronouns listed in their social media profile are certifiably insane 99% of the time), A TikTok account "DanFromHR" introduced Daniel's Corollary (or The Christian Corollary) which is- if someone has the words "Christian", "Catholic", "Jesus/God is King", reference scripture, the bible or "Jesus Loves You" in their social media profile, there is a 90% chance they will either 1. Go in direct opposition of Christian values/edicts 2. Tell you "Jesus Loves You" when they can't debate your point or 3. Weaponize their Christianity and act oppressed.
We were in this really good debate about Abortion and sure enough someone came into the live and said we were all going to hell for "murdering babies" - checked out the profile, and of course, Daniel's Corollary as he had a scripture verse in his profile. After telling us we were all going to hell and that we were responsible for murdering hundreds of millions of babies, he insulted us and then said Jesus loved us before the moderator finally blocked him.
by TheJestersSon45 April 12, 2023
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