Jeff: u seem glum today Steve.
Steve: yea ive been listening to drake
by PapiMelanie May 19, 2016
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used to describe someone who is really stupid or dumb
oh my god you are so glum
haha glummage
by Weeblandbob October 26, 2005
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A glove that was used in sexual intercourse, resulting in it being filled with cum. Glove + Cum = Glum
Jennifer: WATCH OUT!!!
You: Ahhhhh what?!?
Jennifer: You legit almost stepped on a glum :/
You: Ewwwww
by wrightdylan830 October 29, 2018
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The act of going down on a female after the male has ejaculated inside her vag.
Barry: "Have you ever tasted your own spunk?"
Trevor: "No, what?! Thats sick, why, have you?"
Barry: "Yeah."
Trevor: "Why? Thats wrong, and a bit gay!"
Barry: "It isn't gay, she made me do it!! She likes Glum Glum!"
by Spunk Sucker March 30, 2011
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A disheartened emotional state, often manifests a short loss of spirit, more colloquially described as a feeling of sad and shit
Only receiving the participation award Jimmy B seemed glum then angrily and dramatically raising his arm with a single erect digit in tow, and proudly waving it about at the announcer.

Tiffany was glum after Martin misinterpreted her texts and did not respond.
by strangerNdanger February 20, 2018
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Something you say to your Friend when thay look down in the dumps.. Its also a book glum chum very weird a? i know thats what i thought..
boy: *tears*
other boy: why so glum chum?
Boy: I'm crying
Other boy: I can see that, but why?
boy: i dont know
by Cheby May 18, 2006
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