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A synonym for the sub-genre of heavy metal rock known as power metal. The earliest example of power metal is best exemplefied (acoustically) by the group Iron Maiden. Near distortionless, extremely melodic rifts, and fast beat make a glory metal song. However, true glory metal is often reffering to Tolkienesque settings, involving Dragons, Elves, heros, etc. Also known as, troll metal, epic metal, and fantasy metal.
Blind Guardian, Dragonland, and Dragonforce are examples of 'Glory Metal' groups.
by smack March 17, 2005
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Metal for anyone who has a mullet, drives a camaro, and "loves to rock." Metal for those who wear gaunlets, obsessively watch Lord of the Rings or play D&D. Those who enjoy "hoisting the chalice" and "striking Thor's hammer upon thy sin stricken Earth".
You listen to Manowar?? That sickens me, you Glory Metal piece of shit.
by chuck August 12, 2003
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A sub-genre of Heavy Metal usually with overly happy or religious themes. Almost a catch 22 on metal, however, one cannot help feeling like they are on a quest of epic proportion while playing the music at high decible levels. Most people that listen to Glory Metal consider it more of a guilty pleasure then a favored genre.
Dude, were you guys listening to some Glory Metal last night?

Yea, we rode around pumping our fists out of the windows of our '72 comet looking for some trolls to slay!
by chicken_flavored_kittens February 03, 2010
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