Together Without Labels

There are three tiers of a relationship:
FWB: just sex
TWL: going out in public together (people even ask if you two are a couple), and definitely staying the night after sex
Dating: labeled as boyfriend and girlfriend, and everything that goes with it
Are you guys still fwb (friends with benefits)?

No, we go out all the time together but he says he doesn't want to officially be together, because he's moving in like eight months, so I'm fine with just being TWL.
by I know I'm a bitch ok June 10, 2019
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Today We Learned
When not only you learned something (TIL) but instead a group of people learned something
--- In a public chat room ---
John: I'm from The United States
Steven: I always thought you were from Canada
Roger: TWL
by Favna April 4, 2017
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A place with tons of ladders for all the hot multiplayer games out there. All matches, except 1 vs. 1 have a rant board where the clans can have some fun or fire up the troops with trashtalk. They also dave a .com, .net, and .org!
TWL is where a videogames' real clans compete.
by Mohammed April 3, 2005
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A turf wars community where all the staff are cops and act like the police. As well as, like TWC, the eGirls remain the same, forever sucking the life out of every eBoy who dare speaks. I've been locked up muted for over a year and a half and I am finally free, so I will state, StaffTeamK, EBK and listen to Yung A - SUCKMYASS.
TWL is kinda shit and needs to die to save everyones lives, it would be a better place if it didn't exist.
by Turf Wars Sweat June 2, 2020
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