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n. The state of being irritated, frustrated, annoyed, or moody.
Being continuously bothered by someone who asks blatantly obvious questions which they should know the answer to is agitation
by Godofgamers August 17, 2008

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The irrational fear of Barack Obama being elected as president. Coined by Jon Stewart.
So, does Sharon support Obama?

No, she has baracknaphobia.
by Godofgamers August 27, 2008

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adj. South African slang meaning really big or numerous.
Ken: Dude, check out that moerse truck!
by Godofgamers August 25, 2008

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v. To shake rapidly
Jack: Dude, are you sure your phone won't make a noise during the movie? You know what happened last time...

Daniel: No worries dude, it's on vibrate.
by Godofgamers August 22, 2008

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adj. Basically just the same as awesome.
Wow, that performance was awe inspiring
by Godofgamers August 25, 2008

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n. When, during soap operas and some sitcoms, a character stares off-screen until the scene ends and commercials begin.
Doctor: Steve, the tests have come back, and... I don't know how to tell you this, but Alan isn't really your son.

Steve: Then whose is it? *Does a soap-take*
by Godofgamers September 09, 2009

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1. v. Completely and utterly dominated or defeated. Sometimes used by people trying to sound smarter than they really are. See also pwned
Jeff: "Hey man, did you see that awesome kill in Counterstrike last night?
Bob: "Yeah, that guy was totally ripped asunder"
by Godofgamers July 10, 2008

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