97 definitions by Gerard Irick

is how someone feel when their not shown appreciation for their generosity
Mary feels she being taken for granted by her family because she worked,cooked and no one does the dishes.
by Gerard Irick July 27, 2009
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someone who looks down on others based on superficial factors
A snob can't stand anyone different from them.
by Gerard Irick December 14, 2010
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someone who gets a sudden burst of excitement and confidence based on being in favorable positon in a competition
Eric is souped because he is going to be one of the finalist.
by Gerard Irick December 01, 2010
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to draw attention by unwittingly embarassing themselves
Kayne West made a spectacle of himself at the grammy awards.
by Gerard Irick September 14, 2009
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Someone who gets upset when they don't get what they want caused by people who excessively cater to their needs and desires
Kevin is so spoiled that he'll break things to get attention.
by Gerard Irick October 19, 2008
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something performs poorly or to be in a unfortunate state of being
It sucks to be you.
by Gerard Irick September 28, 2009
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