97 definition by Gerard Irick

something in the past that was popular but still recognizable such as music,cars,clothes etc..
I have Earvin "Magic" Johnson's throwback jersey when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers.
by Gerard Irick May 12, 2010

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a disdainful remark with the intentions of insulting someone
I hate when you ask someone a question they give you sarcastic reply.
by Gerard Irick February 16, 2010

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someone or something that benefits another
I can't wait to get this jump-off so my life can be better.
by Gerard Irick August 01, 2011

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someone (usually upper-class society) who looks down or berates those who don't match their social standards and status.
Anna is so boosie that she will not attend her sister Megan's baby shower because it's in Los Angeles and she's from Beverly Hills.
by Gerard Irick October 19, 2008

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A man who romances several woman but his intentions are insincere
Renee despises her uncle because he's a womanizer.
by Gerard Irick March 11, 2009

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someone who has a relaxed and calm demeanor
Doug is so laid-back that nothing seems to shake him.
by Gerard Irick February 22, 2010

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