97 definitions by Gerard Irick

to have little or no money to spend
I can't go out because I'm broke this week.
by Gerard Irick May 05, 2010
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To be overwhelmed with disappointment and grief from a boyfriend,girlfriend,friend,etc.
Sally was broken hearted when she found out John cheated on her.
by Gerard Irick August 08, 2007
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That's bullshit to say you can't pay your bills because you're never home.
by Gerard Irick October 12, 2011
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someone who dominate others through intimidation
Don't try to bully him into something he don't want to do.
by Gerard Irick September 07, 2009
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someone whos emotions are filled with anxiety and obsession
Any mother would be a basket case if they found out their child was hit by a car.
by Gerard Irick August 05, 2009
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