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9 definitions by Gapingredgroovie

An individual who drives any vehicle at excessive speeds.
Little Ricky Racer loves to drive his ricer in the triple-digit domain... he's the epitome of the fast & furious speed freak!
by Gapingredgroovie January 7, 2009
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An individual with a penchant toward excessive driving speeds.
My Aussie friend Adam always drives like a bat out of hell, no matter what the posted speed may be. It scares the crap out of his wife Penelope to be in the same car with such a speedophiliac!
by Gapingredgroovie January 6, 2009
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Whilst receiving a good and proper skullie, it occurred to me that this was a fine time to introduce her to my "Filthy Uncle Fester". I gave her the old reach-around and pulled a fine example of last Tuesday's meal from her behind whereby I tactfully smeared it across her upper lip while my exploding fecal deposit caused roiling, brown toilet water to splash upon her chin.
by Gapingredgroovie January 3, 2009
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Any individual who performs the act of oral sex on another.
Tina gives great head! She's a better noggineer than most.
by Gapingredgroovie January 7, 2009
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Michelle Obama. First Ho to the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Matter of fact... First Ho to ever be in the White House.
Yo... my first biaaaatch! Now dat I be da man inna office, git off yur fat n' lazy ass n' go grab me a cold Colt45... Hobama!
by Gapingredgroovie January 21, 2009
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Any vaginal secretion, fluid, or odor. Includes, but is not limited to: menstrual blood, typical discharge, yeast infection, STD, snail trail, etc.
Suzy looked great in her lingerie, but the moment she pulled down her panties I noticed an unusual fish-ass stink and a nasty brown bitch-funk that appeared to be oozing out her well-trimmed kooch. I excused myself, leapt out the third floor window, and ran like the devil, never to return.
by Gapingredgroovie January 5, 2009
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The wavy inner labia resembling two perfectly fried bacon strips joined at the top accentuated by a heavy menstrual period.
Melissa deftly straddled my face thrusting her raw and blooming knicker bacon over my chin, lips, and nose, whereupon she left a heavily-deposited reddish tinge of bitch-funk on my face.
by Gapingredgroovie January 4, 2009
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