that white creamy slippery stuff that makes sex interesting
i thought i had a lot of cum, but it turned out she was leaking from her pussy.
by dickie boy January 21, 2005
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When a womens Vaginal Meat Curtains are stuck together with a sticky residue.
Dude you told me that chick last night was clean,her vaginal secretion was secreating out of your shorts. when i went down on her, it was like pulling apart a grilled-cheese sandwhich.
by E-rock Scarface October 18, 2006
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a liquid that seeps outta the females vagina. also anal seepage.
i didnt f that chick after she pulled down her pants and i saw her vaginal secretion
by jack phillups July 23, 2009
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Vaginal Secretion, vaginal-secretion:
1) The gastral emission of the vagina, pussy fart.
2) A release of fluids due to urination or an orgasm. My personal favorite.
3) Another term for Cream Pie.
4) The puss like substance found on your girlfreind, Grandma Joan's vagina.
1)You are such a "Vaginal Secretion" Rick.
2)Jenny, did you just rlease a "Vaginal Secretion"? Cause you stink girl, go wash your ass!
by NickName4U April 20, 2006
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"Dude, this tastes like carbonated vaginal secretion."
"I know, isn't Dr. Pepper great!"
by Jazzyj September 21, 2007
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