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(N.) Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom. (somewhere in North America)
Age: somewhere in her twenties
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Reddish-Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Cup Size: to be determined...
Mario, you've got to save Princess Peach again!
by G-Union May 22, 2003

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(N.) The ABSOLUTE BEST Kung-Fu Movie Parody ever! If you haven't seen it, then go rent it now! Stars Steve Odekirk and Jennifer Tung (one-boob woman.) It's been rumored that the Sequel(s) are going to be released in the way of The Matrix and Kill Bill, in the "All-at-virtually-the-same-time" way.
Kung Pow: Tongue of Fury: October 2004.
by G-Union December 19, 2003

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(Adj.) To act Overly Happy or Perky. Usually in those who have Care Bear Blood. Also, the type of people who like to sing Showtunes who end up in Disney Movies.
Also, means Champagne.
My Girlfriend Melissa is too Bubbly today. This isn't friggin' Freaky Friday, Melissa! Snap back to Harsh, Cold Reality, dammit!
by G-Union August 13, 2003

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(N.) A whiny lil' caucasian/ asian-american 10 year old twerp who stars in the KidsWB anime, Pokemon (and sucks at catching/rasing them). Around 4' tall,and 70lbs. Also known as "The Twerp".
Ash Ketchum is an ash-dumbass!
by G-Union May 16, 2003

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Loves Cake
...I luv ya like a fat kid luv cake, you know my style. I'll do anything to make ya smile!
by G-Union May 12, 2003

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(N.) The King of the Koopas, his full name is Bowser Koopa, and he's one of the Mushroom Kingdom's Most Wanted.
Age: Same as Mario
Height: about 7'
Weight: about 600 lbs.
History: has been beaten by Mario about 30 some times.
All Koopa Troopas, hail Lord King Bowser!
by G-Union May 30, 2003

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(N.) The deadly disease that crippled 98% of the world, back in 1996. It was quickly cured, and went away fast, though.
(Spanish Gibberish) Hey Macarena! All Right!
by G-Union May 19, 2003

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