260 is an ENS god. a deity. a blue haired soccer freak among mortals. fade at your peril anon
damn, did you see 260's post about arabic .eth names?? dude fucks.
by damascusboy April 29, 2022
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Air conditioning (or lack therof) in a car or truck by rolling down the windows and driving 60 mph.
Hell, yeah my hoopty has AC! It's gots 260 AC!
by Drew July 7, 2004
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This is an excruciating PEDOPHILE SEX ORDER where they SIT ON AN ERECT DICK just lightly but GOING IN DRY (if not ASSHOLE IS WET, is it is dried as it's a very slow painful ROTATIONS entering PENETRATION that goes for 260 minutes.

The stacking build up of the GOOGLE CREW to bring the SATELLITE that PEDO BOY ELON talks about is implemented for SPACE X .X is the PEDOPHILE ASSH0LE.

BLUE = 40 RED = 27 YELL0W = 77/92 BLUE = 40
GREEN = 49 RED = 27 ...40..67..144..184..233..260

In order for the GOOGLE CREW to work properly there must exist a SATELLITE 260 where slow dry penetrating ROTATIONS of the dick in THAT ASSH0LE slowly rotates going deeper and deeper to restore WORLD BALANCE.

The HOLE for the DICK EXIST RIM F0CUS DICK 2 PEDOPHILE...and ultimately to the ASSH0LE REAR END brings the SATELLITE 260 to LIFE when the PEDOPHILE must climb aboard above and slowly down THE DICK right into their HOLE in LIFE they will always have where everything gets away.

The SATELLITE 260 is two FAGG0TS DATA which you can see completes the DATA LINE for the GOOGOL and makes SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY POSSIBLE
by BETE NOIRE ASSH0LE September 29, 2021
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