A great channel which aired a whole lot of TV shows like The Parkers, One On One, Dance 360 & etc. It was owned by Chris-Craft Industries, Viacom & CBS Corporation.
I miss UPN so much. It was a lovely channel for African-Americans.
by MASTUH OSCG 8845 IS BACK October 2, 2020
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The channel white ppl don't watch.

Also see BET
by Anonymous November 8, 2003
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A television network that airs WWE Smackdown on Thursday nights. It is rumored to air other programs, but nobody cares about them if they do exist.
by Evil Zak July 25, 2003
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Bad TV Station. Mainly geared towards African Americans.
My power just went out, it is blacker in here than friday nights on UPN.
by GG September 28, 2003
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(N.) A network that was trash from the beginning and is rotting garbage today. They actually used to have alright shows up until like, 2001. After that, nearly every damn show turned into the exact same thing! (young, black female or male in the city with sassy, and comical, yet unfunny friends.) And for some reason, each one is unseemingly worse than the last. How long will it take until they premiere a lineup that's as bad as bad TV can get? I say, a year.
The lineup of BAD shows on UPN: Parkers, One-on-One, Girlfriends, Half-in-Half, All-of-Us, Abby, Buffy, Next Top Model, Enterprise, Twilight Zone, Rock-Me-Baby, The Mullets, and WWE Smackdown.
The Lineup of GOOD shows on UPN:.......
by G-Union July 15, 2003
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