a place full of druggies, potheads, and scene kids. everybodys a wanna-be something, and everyone knows eachother. Our idea of a fun night almost always involves alcohol or some sort of drug. Lee Tran is god, especially if you dont drive. Theres always something going on here, wether its a friend getting locked up, or a crazy night. We throw the best parties, hands down, and we all know how to have fun. Fights are an every weekend thing, and its nothing new to hear when someone got there ass kicked. Everyone fucks everyone, and shit spreads like wildfire. Almost every girl is a whore at one point, but whatever. Basically, the 239 is one of the best places you could grow up. no joke. Fort Misery? naaaah. Fort Myers Love <3
You live in the 239? Lucky.
by Breeeeeeeeeezy July 19, 2009
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the gayest, scenest, lamest, boring-est, most fucked up, drama filled city in the entire universe. everyone here thinks they're famous if some asshole types their name on a hate site. entire city revolves around myspace and shows. everyone's always fucked up on something, unless you're SUPER scene, and 'straight edge.'
by Prisoner. February 22, 2009
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Area code for Ft. Myers, Florida. The city is home to the rapper Plies and football star Deion Sanders. It is often used as the punchline of jokes based upon the fact that there is little to do in the city. The 239 area code covers the Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Captiva, Bonita, Lehigh, LaBelle, and Alva areas of Southwest Florida.
Yo dat nigga from the 239
by 239 Ballaaaaaaa June 23, 2007
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1.The gayest place on earth.
2. Area code for Naples, Florida
Man, the 239 is whack, young!
by Gorgonzola_Man May 14, 2006
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full of rich old geezers and wannabe dorks who do stupid shit. everyone does illegal substances to forget about how monotonous life is here. complete shit wipe. comparable to miami. cancer
you from the 239? - normal person
yea i also have never used deodorant. - 239 scum dweller
damn youre a fucked up person. - normal person
by ayeniggerfuckyou July 24, 2019
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or 239%
Noun, Slang
two hundred and thirty nine

When you make a dubious claim about an extraordinary achievement (goal/target), while in reality some other people have done the hard work,making that achievement possible.

when someone makes dubious claims about his abilities or intentions.
- unbelievable, this really sounds 239
- He is a 239, he usually bluffs about his achievements
- a 239 person
by Vilka1 August 20, 2017
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Two hundred- thirty nine. It’s a number as well as the area code for Naples, Florida.
Person 1: “hey what’s your phone number?”
Person 2: “it goes 239...”
by Real_Gurl July 1, 2019
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