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(N.) The old South Park catch phrase up until 2002, when they stopped killing Kenny and he came back from the dead through the help of Chef's parents and yet another lame Rob Schnieder movie. ("Rob Schnieder is Kenny")
Oh My God! They Didn't Killed Kenny!
You........, Non-Bastards!
by G-Union October 28, 2003

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Which are better? Macs or PC'S? Let's see: Mac's have harddrives that crash every other minute and look all sleek and stuff even though they perform mostly like crap. Macs are only good for homework stuff and powerpoint presentations.

PC's are often slow and lumpy and they can't have as much software on them as PC's. But they're the best for playing computer games (Do they even have them on Mac's) and downloading Porn as you know you ALL do. (Not me, though. I have a girlfriend) PC's are also good for personalization and are often cheaper.
And the winner is.....
by G-Union June 17, 2004

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(N.) A Game and an Anime that has been made popular by millions of kids. The Game itself, isn't too bad since they're so many Pokemon and so many different combinations of raising them and using them, whether it be the six Pokemon lineup or Moves they they have.
The Show however, is the reason it has a kiddie reputation and is hated by most people. I don't blame most people when they say they hate Pokemon, cause the show makes them say all of that. If they tried the game, they might've thought otherwise.
Still though, the many different games that come out aren't that nessacary. If you played one, you've played them all. I used to be really into Pokemon in middle school, and played it all the time, but knew better than to buy EVERY single different version and waste my money like that. Also avoided the Card Game.
There is now about eight (with nine coming soon) different Main Pokemon games and about 400 Pokemon in all. If they had avoided the awful Anime, merchandise, and side project crap, more people might now actually be still intrested in it and not just wish them all to die. All of that Commerical crap ruined what used to be a great and complex game.
by G-Union October 14, 2003

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(N.) The guardian/assistant of Peach Toadstool, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. About 2'6", and 50 lbs. He's a member of his race called the "Toads," who are elfish-like people with Mushroom heads ( or maybe they're hats. I dunno. )

His name is kind of like how "Guy" or "Man" is a name to us, even though it's what we are. His age is very indetermined, much like Santa's Elves. He could be anywhere between 8 and 38. On the old TV series in the early 90's, he was at least old enough to drive, but in the new "Anime-Style" video games, he's very young, like around age 6, as his voice is very high-pitched.
Toad belongs to a race named the Toads. He can be played in Super Mario Kart 64.
by G-Union June 06, 2003

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An Urban Dictionary user that ruins the quality of the website. Instead of actually defining words, they just rant insulting, offensive, nonsensical garbage. Also, an Urban Pussy.
by G-Union June 23, 2004

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1. Prone to Good Fortune
2. Succeeding through chance.
3. Homer Simpson
Remember, Lucky is to succeed through chance, not a crap new cable show or a Britney Spears song.
by G-Union December 12, 2003

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(N.) To flash out, gloat about, or just plain show off something expensive or well-wanted. Basically, it means Show Off.
50 Cent's STUNT 101: "...Come on, dawg. We all know Gold is gettin' old. My ice keep the kristial cold."

(! tinU-G fo hctib eht si kcuB gnuoY)
by G-Union December 01, 2003

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