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N.) X-Treme Football League. A crappy football league created by Vince Mcmahon and launched in Feburary 2001. It started out very strong, but it's ratings literally cut in half every week and by the end of it's season, in April 2001, approximately 549 on the Planet were still watching. Vince McMahon also lost about $72 million with the XFL as well. The XFL nowadays causes massive amounts of laughter just by mentioning it. (He Hate Me!)
Homer: "I'm geared up for the all new season of the XFL."
Marge: "Uh, Homer..."
by G-Union December 18, 2003

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(N.) One who enjoys his or her time posting Definitions on UrbanDictionary.com because it is a form of Artistic Expression by voicing your thoughts and opinions on the web, for others to not only see, but learn from, and even laugh at for some as well. An Urban Addict usually enjoys time on this website because they are very opinionated and wants the whole world to know what they're thinking. And some even use it to vent off their frustrations and anger, without fear of persecution or trouble because of the Nicknames they use here. Most of them, unfortunatly, don't better the website as a whole and end up messing it up.
Most Urban Addicts, though, are young, intelligent teenagers between 14-19 who usually (or on occasion) have a lot of intelligent obserbvative views on the world they live in.
by G-Union November 26, 2003

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A more than obvious statement. That's like saying Cows Moo or Ducks Quack.
It's true! It's True! Ja Sucks! Ja Sucks!
by G-Union November 06, 2003

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(N.) The ABSOLUTE, undisputed "Worse Movie of the Century." The 2003 Swept Away. Makes How to Deal and From Justin to Kelly look like Spider Man and X2. Actually made me go on vacation from work. (www.thebridgecinema.com/) People keep demanding and protesting for Gigli to be taken out of the theaters. Actually WORSE THAN KANGAROO JACK! Now Ben and J-Ho have to publically apologize to the nation for such a diaster. It's only bright side is it's power to reunited people with a common hatred.
Swept Away isn't worth paying money for. Gigli isn't worth BEING paid money for. As "Late Night with Conan O' Brien" said on August 6th, 2003: "Drugs is bad, but it ain't nothing to compared to Gigli. Kids, it's your life, Don't See Gigli."
by G-Union January 12, 2004

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(N.) Cheesy, awful music made by lame bands like the Backseat Boys, N*Stink, 98 Disease, and Oh-Yes! Town.
Christian Schoolgirl: I like to listen to Bubblegum Pop, not Dirty Pop!
Typical American Teenager: Dirty Pop? You mean Christina Aguilera in bed? (this works on so many levels.)
by G-Union May 19, 2003

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(N.) Show about "nothing" that starred Jerry Seinfeld. Premiered in 1990 and ended in 1998. Rivals back then present day NBC top show, Friends now.
Seinfeld comes on THREE times a day in syndication in my town, and so does The Simpsons, so there's not too much else to watch between 5:00 and 8:00 on weeknights.
by G-Union August 27, 2003

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(N.) A movie starring Jim Carrey as a man who gets fed up with God, so God gives him his abilities for a week while he goes on vacation to show Bruce how difficult it is to run the world and please everyone.
Bruce Almighty was an underhyped movie, but far better than many of the other Summer Movies.
by G-Union July 30, 2003

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