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1) fraNk - user of operator/character Minion.
2) well known as the elite player of both the games CyberMyst and Tharsis Gate.
"Hey, has anyone seen Minion?"

Minion sneak quietly around behind you, and prepares to backstab you. Minion slides up to you and impales you on his tainted knife. Hp: -1 You die.
by GW Bush69 May 01, 2005
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A name used by Elite players of the pc gaming community, they have the ability to claim the top of the score board as their home
Man that guy was on destroying us that game, what was his name? Minion.
by Joexx February 10, 2010
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The disgusting trash of the earth. Yellow. They've taken over this once somewhat clean world, and now it is a trash heap. They are only liked by moms and young children.
Me: the minions are putrid, horrific, and are a waste of time. They do not deserve an entire movie.

Moms everywhere: *gasps and stares in horror*
by Old Chocolate Bar July 29, 2015
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Ugly, disgusting, childish anthropomorphic lemon tic tacs that make 3 year olds happy
by Urbanman100 June 13, 2016
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The most annoying un loving cancerous yellow piece of shits that you will ever lay your eyes upon. Their company keeps bringing them back based on their children fan base, but every time they come back they get even worse and worse. They are all over social media, people either think they are cute or the straight thinking normal ones thinks they are a fucking embarrassment. Now There are different kinds, there's a normal sized one that can either have one or two eyes that still looks like a piece of shit, there a long yellow penis looking ass, and there's a short fat ass. These fucking overall wearing, sponge bob penis looking, four eyed, dumb ass, little bitch, annoying one eyed ass hats are a disgrace of American society and the entire reputation of the human race.
Look at those yellow fuckers. Those minions make me sick.
by Iamsecretlyagerbil June 12, 2016
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The talking corn kernels from the Despicable Me franchise who make kids laugh, but anyone over the age of 13 want to die in their presence. They have exploded so much through greedy cash grabbing and sponsors such as McDonalds that they have gotten the attention of some very bad corners of the internet, such as Rule 34. Minions are now just one of the few cancers hell bent on destroying the internet community as we know it. There are groups who are opposing this imminent demise, such as the r/minionhate subreddit.
by Th3rd July 31, 2015
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