1) fraNk - user of operator/character Minion.
2) well known as the elite player of both the games CyberMyst and Tharsis Gate.
"Hey, has anyone seen Minion?"

Minion sneak quietly around behind you, and prepares to backstab you. Minion slides up to you and impales you on his tainted knife. Hp: -1 You die.
by GW Bush69 May 2, 2005
A name used by Elite players of the pc gaming community, they have the ability to claim the top of the score board as their home
Man that guy was on destroying us that game, what was his name? Minion.
by Joexx February 11, 2010
Ugly, disgusting, childish anthropomorphic lemon tic tacs that make 3 year olds happy
by SUMFURRYTHING June 13, 2016
1. Small yellow beings as seen in Despicable Me, who talk in a language similar to Spanish and wear blue dungarees, with names such as Dave, Stewart and Kevin
2. Person with a height unnaturally below the average for their age/weight, who may or may not be evil (see 'evil minion')
1. Person 1 (watching despicable me)- aww look at that little minion!

Person 2: Yeah, his name's Dave.

2. Person 1: Omg, you're so small!

Person 2: Yeah, you're a minion!
by A. Girl May 18, 2013
Yellow dildos meant to be shoved up asses. Meant for porn but had a technical difficulty and was switched to a movie series. Rated X
Guy 1: "uhhh this minion"
Guy 2: "HARDER"
by ainm cleite October 31, 2016
Yellow butt plug/tic tac abominations that blled gasoline and heroin
Mac: "Liam's addicted to Minions! He needs help!"
Liam "Those abominations are the only thing that let me feel anymore"
Stacy: "Oh God Why???!?!?!? *sob*"
by your_real_name__ February 14, 2016