The way you express your feelings of love toward someone, or something you love, or have love for.

-spoiling, presents, surprises (me)
-kinky sex
Barnes and Noble sells a lot of books explaining the different love languages and their characteristics. They sit somewhere near the marital advice and divorce section.
by Drunkenglasses February 2, 2018
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There are 5 Love Languages.

More than one love language can apply to any one person.

Understanding is the key to forming a long lasting bond and relationship.

Words of affirmation – using words to build up the other person. “Your eyebrows look great today".

Gifts – a gift says, “she thinks of me".

Acts of Service – Doing something for your spouse that you know they would
like. Cooking a meal, washing dishes, vacuuming floors, are all acts of service.

Quality time – by which I mean, giving your spouse your undivided attention.
Taking a walk together or sitting on the couch with the TV off – talking and

Physical touch – holding hands, hugging, kissing, sexual intercourse, are all expressions of love.
Importantly, Express your love language (sign of affirmation) with your partner or friends.
by _The Secret_ February 25, 2020
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When two partners can communicate intimately using any context to express feelings of desire.
Their conversation seemed perverse to the outside world but it was a love language only they could understand.
by Rosegoldqueen1 July 13, 2018
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There are 5 love languages.

Words of affirmation- Verbal expressions of love, appreciation, and encouragement.

Quality time- Giving another person your undivided attention.

Physical touch- Connection through appropriate physical touch (nonsexual or sexual).

Acts of service- Selfless, thoughtful acts that make a person’s life easier.

Receiving gifts- Tangible tokens of love and thoughtfulness.

People also like to at a 6st one.

Magalit- showing love in mean ways such as bullying(playfully) , teasing and joking.
Jeff- “what would be sara’s love language be you think?”
Dizzy- “i dont know, maybe words of affirmation!”
by Itsalwaysrightlikeme September 1, 2023
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