A sick reminder that tomorrow is Monday.

Also the day where all you think about is how screwed you are at school or work tomorrow because you're not doing your work now.
Dude, it's Sunday

Don't remind me...
by LizardBreathe April 27, 2011
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A limbo.. where you really want to do something fun, but you know you have something like school work to do, so you don't do what you want to do because you think you're gonna start working soon, but then it's hours later and you have done neither what you wanted to do nor what you need to do.
I really want to play Pokemon right now, but I need to study for my Spanish test because today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday.

*three hours later*

Man, I really want to play Pokemon right now, but I still haven't studied for my Spanish test.
by WalruSeth April 8, 2013
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The last day of the weekend and is usually ruined because of the thought of another dreaded Monday.

Also the day when people are supposed to go to church but don't go because of hangovers or just forget.
Guy 1: Hey it's sunday.
Guy 2: Damn that means tomorrow is monday. What a bummer.
by connor93 April 20, 2008
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The day you end up doing your weekend homework
I planed to do my homework on friday but i just ended up doing it Sunday night
by wiseold October 19, 2009
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Honestly one of the worst days in the week. It’s the last day of your weekend, you’re probably hungover or tired from parting all weekend, and you probably have to wake up early for school or work the next day. Monday often gets the bad rep of being the worst day of the week, however at least you’ll be well rested and in two days it’ll be Wednesday and then the next day will be Friday Eve. Also for some reason your anxiety sky rockets on Sunday and you’ll probably be eating pot roast for dinner like usual.
I hate Sunday with a burning passion.
by Chad Chett January 13, 2022
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Sunday is not only a day but it's also a name.

She is the most awesome person ever because of her amazing personality and her stunning looks. She is usually tall and has red hair and can sometimes hate her height. She will always make you smile and if she opens up to you, you better be fucking trustworthy because she deserves so much love. She loves hugs and squeezing you to death. She is a very athletic and amazing at art as well as academics. Overall, she's gorgeous inside and out, caring , intelligent, loyal, an introverted extrovert, funny and a great listener so you are soooooo lucky if you have a Sunday in your life.
Omg why is her name a day of the week?

Bitch who cares she's Sunday!
by Chloéééééééééééé October 19, 2019
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