65 definitions by Erik

The area between a woman's belly button and vagina. This area usually is a fat deposit that sticks out. A merge of "gut" and "cunt."
She has a huge gunt.
by Erik August 6, 2003
Jesus Lizard is a kick ass rock band. Grunge rulez!
by Erik December 14, 2003
a song stolen from ozzy osbourne ( crazy train). Lil Jon just added some bass.
the original is infinitely better.
by Erik April 9, 2005
Did you get them O.C.'s from the pharmacy last night?
by Erik November 29, 2003
Garbage or trash; bullshit
northeast definition
This homework is ishkabibble
by Erik March 20, 2005
Why is he staring at my trolls? Because hes a T-rav!
by Erik February 2, 2005