65 definitions by Erik

Paying for a piece of ass that you can't touch.
Man that lap dance made me hard and I couldn't even touch it....I've got a case of blue balls.
by Erik March 23, 2005
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Short for "let me". Not discovered by this person. Actually renowned everywhere. When some people say let me, it comes out as "lemme" instead.
Hey, "lemme" pay you back tomorrow, OK?
by Erik March 13, 2005
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a song stolen from ozzy osbourne ( crazy train). Lil Jon just added some bass.
the original is infinitely better.
by Erik April 09, 2005
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Stop acting cowardly. Ie, get some nuts.
Dude, stop acting like a pussy and grow a set!
by Erik March 03, 2004
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The area between a woman's belly button and vagina. This area usually is a fat deposit that sticks out. A merge of "gut" and "cunt."
She has a huge gunt.
by Erik August 06, 2003
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