A towel smaller than a traditional towel, or a self cleaning wipe (moist wipes)
I clean my shoes with a towelette; I got some towelettes with my KFC
by Shan-Loc October 23, 2008
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The art of masturbating into a kitchen or bathroom towel, then returning it to the shelf folded away as if nothing happened.
Dude.... why are these towels sticking together???

- well remember when you were flurting with my girlfriend?? i decided to come in here and "starch" them for you.


Brad was being a real douche bag so i went in his house while he was at the bank and starched all of his towels.

In the that episode of South Park about Towely's intervention.... "Towleye" (as he spells it) was extra starchy.

starched towelette
by Team Sexual July 10, 2010
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A Canadian Towelette is when you dip your balls into a glass of beer (whether it is your own or someone else's largely depends on how drunk you are) and then gently lay them across someone's forehead. This is much easier to accomplish if they are passed out. The mixture of ball sweat and beer will slowly trickle down their face, much like a moist towelette.
"Damn, look at Lee's face! Why's it all wet like that?"

"Aw bro, he was being a dick and passed out so I took his beer, dipped my balls in it and gave him the ol' Canadian Towelette."

"Holy shit! Dude just woke up and took a swig! Haha, what a stupid chud!"
by Elindale January 6, 2010
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When you go to take a shower and forget to grab a towel and have to use the hand towel to risk being seen naked.
Husband: Son be careful im playing Russian Towelette.
Son: Ewww Dad. Dont forget a towel next time.
by C/Cpt. MSG! February 27, 2011
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codeword for condoms. due to their simmilar shape in package.
guy1:"dude take this condom, you dont want your girlfriend pregnant"

guy2:"dude thanks for the moist towelette. *wink* *wink*"
by MrT1ki June 13, 2007
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A convenient way to proposition anal sex with a customer when working at a fast food restaurant or even see someone you like in store. If they use the "Wet Nap" provided then they have cleaned themselves up and are ready for action. Simply walk by their table and drop off a Moist Towelette and walk off while making awkward eye contact to successfully convey your intentions.
#1: Hey did that person just drop off Moist Towelette for no reason?
#2: Don't be so coy, wipe yo ass down and meet him in the bathroom shitstall if you want some action.
by Cytosematic January 20, 2018
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a moist moist moist towelette
this is a moist towelette
by bookbonerpoop June 4, 2021
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