Trucker: I usually don’t find lot lizards out in the wild.

Dennis: I’m a little behind on my trucker terms, a lot lizard would be a…

Trucker: …A lizard…you know...truck stop whores.

Trucker: Back in the day, hell, I would’ve let you turn me into Swiss cheeseee…Make me into a mailbox. Open the slot and put whatever you want inside!
by jman22 March 27, 2013
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person 1 Yo, whats the news on the lizard?
person 2 Last I heard he was testifying in court for succing data.
by Malaria mike April 15, 2018
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Put your dumbbells back after your workout, you lizard!
by goergisn November 21, 2019
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Godly bloke. "Anyone smash any lizzards last night?" Trained bloke "Yeah, smashed joanna the blue rocket again" godly corporal "nice one, wash your dick with melted hexi block to be safe , she's a right lizard."
by Crowbagoftheday February 26, 2019
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It’s a banana and it has arms and legs and it talks.
Cool Dude: oh my god look it’s a lizard
Fever drem gurl: banana man
by Fever DremGurl July 28, 2019
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A person who when making out sticks his/her tongue in and out in a lizard like way. They lizard kiss and it is not pleasant.
Anna: "So, I heard you hooked up with Jack."
Lucy: "Please don't remind me, it was horrible!"
Anna: "What happened?"
Lucy: "He is such a lizard!"
by Gi. January 5, 2011
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A magical creature typically found in a desert, in trees, or on the ground. They typically perform magic when they aren't around civilization and prefer to perform their skills in a hidden dark area like a small cave. They do not like when people interfere by lifting a roof or moving their habitat in which they perform their magic, but instead they completely stop magic in a split second and make themselves look like a basic lizard to the human eye.
I moved this rock off of a few other ones and I saw a lizard run out!
by Killercoke2 October 11, 2020
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