portmanteau formed from Trump + pervy + pervert

def: (1) a pervy old geezer who engages in boasting of his numerous sexual assaults on women such as unwanted or "ambush" kissing and grab-a-snatch attacks ... which he crudely characterizes as "grab them by the pussy!"

cf: see Donald Trump (the prototype)

(2) a fat-assed misogynistic assclown who is characteristically 50-years (or more) older than the women who he stares at fantasizing in his feverish NPD - deranged brain that they find him sexually attractive ... never conscious of the revulsion they feel for him
OMG! My pervy uncle is such a Trumpervert! At our family Thanksgiving gathering he grabbed me by my pussy and tried to kiss me on the mouth IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS! OMG!!!!!
by Eppypotamus July 14, 2019
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