39 definition by Elliott

etymology: a play on the term sausage party, substituting snausage for sausage

function: noun

a party, group or other gathering comprised mainly of female-to-male (FTM) transgender people
Santa Cruz, what a snausage party!
by Elliott October 01, 2005

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etymology: the verbal form of the phrase get a late pass and the term late pass
the act of informing one that a piece of information that he or she has presented as new and interesting is, in fact, old and already widely circulated
After Elliott posted about a Snopes article regarding the veracity of a picture of Ohio state sex offender Brian Peppers, Evan latepassed him by pointing out that a link to the article had already been posted, and the article discussed, months ago.
by Elliott September 09, 2005

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n Usually used to describe a juvenile male who carries a paging device, works in fast-food service, and has one or more illegitimate children.
Steve's a playa. He gets all the ho's. When he gets off work at McDonald's we are going to go get high and watch tv at his mom's apartment.
by Elliott August 05, 2003

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the act of intentionally having an off-topic conversation in a thread in order to prevent the thread's original topic from being discussed
When xbabycakesx made a thread in which she posted pictures of her new tattoos, some righteous guardian angel of messageboard crusader hijacked it by posting animated .gifs of nefarious cartoon tubers engaged in devious sex acts, thus preventing her from losing face by shifting attention away from the embarrassing photos she had posted.
by Elliott November 14, 2005

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no problem; it's ok; your welcome; meiguanx

a slang engnese term (some would argue chinglish as well) formed by the abbreviation of the Chinese term "bu ke qi" (of the same meaning as the slang)

formally coined and brought into popular usage by an American student known simply as "Liux" during the summer of 2006 in Beijing

related in form to the term duibs, as well as an appropriate response to the term, popularized by Liux during the same period
ACC Student A: duibs! i've been fanging pis the entire che ride.

ACC Student B: bukeq, all our duds have been laing since we left Beij.
by elliott January 02, 2007

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(n.) or (v.)

etymology: a portmanteau of google and goof

1. a text string mistakenly submitted to a search engine with typos or otherwise misspelled words

2. the act of mistakenly submitting a text string to a search engine with typos or otherwise misspelled words
One of Google's main objectives in implementing its suggested spellings function was to correct goofles, thereby making use of the internet significantly easier for poor spellers and middle school students worldwide.

Raj goofled with surprisingly unpleasant results when, during his annual powerpoint and internet-based presentation to the board of directors of 3M, he Google image searched for "pos tit notes."
by Elliott August 01, 2005

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When you're near completion of a project, someone finds a "better" way to do it. Or, they can't ever do it the same way twice, it must always be modified.
"Well, I know this is all working, but before I leave here we're going to change it to use register 7001 instead of 5001 just for this one, so can you go back and change that on your end?"

I've been garlandized!
by Elliott February 23, 2005

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