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a male hairstyle, popular among computer programmers and fantasy role-playing game enthusiasts, in which hair on the back of the head is held together by a hair tie, forming a small and pathetic pseudo-ponytail
Though head developer Jeff, who referred to himself as Zorgoth, wore his hair in a greasy little phonytail, he imagined it to be a glorious lion's mane that required taming in the workplace.
by elliott February 04, 2005

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(n.) or (v.)

etymology: a portmanteau of google and goof

1. a text string mistakenly submitted to a search engine with typos or otherwise misspelled words

2. the act of mistakenly submitting a text string to a search engine with typos or otherwise misspelled words
One of Google's main objectives in implementing its suggested spellings function was to correct goofles, thereby making use of the internet significantly easier for poor spellers and middle school students worldwide.

Raj goofled with surprisingly unpleasant results when, during his annual powerpoint and internet-based presentation to the board of directors of 3M, he Google image searched for "pos tit notes."
by Elliott August 29, 2005

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one who find sexual arousal in the power politics of communication via the internet, namely, through the messageboard medium
Nobody could understand why little Jimmy kept coming back to the board for more abuse, and eventual deletion, week after week. It finally made sense when we found out Jimmy was a netrosexual; his sole sexual pleasure in life was derived from the thought of an admin deleting his account.
by elliott February 04, 2005

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etymology: derived from the same phrase used by teachers in lower schools whereupon a child has tardily entered his classroom ( n., late pass, v., latepass)
directed toward a person who has presented something (often a piece of information or writing, news article or website) as new and interesting, when it is, in fact, related to something old and already widely circulated
Although others were impressed when Katie showed off the all your base-themed thatched-reed basket she had made in her underwater basket weaving class, Reu could only reply, "Katie, get a late pass!"
by Elliott September 09, 2005

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1. an expression implying that knowing to much about an activity, situation or person tends to discourage one from involving himself with it, often related to sexual encounters

see also zipless fuck

2. a truism

3. a parody of loose lips sink ships
After Elliott told Devin that Kittyboot's friend from Philly had roast beef curtains, Devin replied, "Buddy, thanks for warning me... loose lips shrink dicks."
by Elliott July 04, 2005

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1. unexpected and/or uncontrollable ejaculation upon the learning of a particularly apt new word or phrase

2. the ejaculate produced in such a situation
Neolojism was a serious problem among Frankfurt school theorists, and it is rumored that Foucault never procreated not because of his sexual orientation, but instead, because he wasted all of his seed in this manner.

Elliott, was just a freshman when he wrote the working paper on ramen noodles in which he coined, among other neologisms, "ramen hangover." Upon reading the paper, Professor Stevens felt a mysterious cool sensation in his pants, and sending a spelunking hand into his pants to explore, found a copious amount of ejaculate. Elliott gasped, and with a surprised tone, asked, "Professor Stevens, is this your first experience with neolojism?"
by Elliott February 16, 2005

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etymology: derived from the phrase "get a late pass" and the term "late pass", forms include "suspension," "suspend" and "suspending"
the consequence of having received numerous late passes over a short enough period of time
Nobody could stand Bill's threads because they were so tired, but he still couldn't understand why everyone hated on him. To clarify, Reu told him, "Bill, you have reposted nearly the entire article archive of The Onion, and I've handed you just as many late passes. In light of this fact alone, you're suspended!"
by Elliott September 09, 2005

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