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1. freak

2. shortform for carnival

3. Someone who works at a carnival
I saw an extremely fat and tugley carny with unusually small eyes which got much bigger when it smelled my popcorn.

Want to go to the carny?

That nice carny over there gave me a discount on cotton candy.
by CannyVanni January 05, 2011
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Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
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A carnival worker, often running the mechanical rides, who likes to hit on teenage, or younger, females. They are generally not clean people, and will buy alcohol in exchange for companionship.
That carny is sooo skanky
by Megan August 26, 2004
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Carnival Folk. Can be easily distinguished from homo-sapiens by their lack of teeth, greasy never-washed mullet, bad posture and horrific smell. Can be found in their natural habitat at most Carnivals, Festivals and other Social events. Will shout as loud as humanly possible from their booth in the hopes that they will somehow convince you to give them money.
Scientific research has shown that Carnies share specific strands of DNA with that of the common bush rat. As such, their grotesque and disfigured appearance may be the result of a mixture of Rodent Genetics and the Bubonic Plague.
Matt: Damn these Carnies straight to hell! All they do is shout at you. I swear I saw one trying to proposition a small child away from its parents and into its booth, but it was scared away by the unholy smell.
by S.M.A.C June 19, 2007
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Carnival Folk, one with small hands and freakish appearance to be laughed at by normal people
Look at you, you carny bastard
by Jiggaman April 12, 2005
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language use amongst carnival works to speak to each other without alerting patrons to dangers or problems.

it works by adding "iz" between letter or sylibles of words and speaking them quickly so they blend together into something that almosts sounds like complete gibberish to people who dont know the language
English: the left strut will break if we dont fix it soon.

Carny: thize lizeft strizut wizll brizeak sizoon izf wizeel dizont fizix izt sizoon
by MuadDib July 02, 2004
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In Europe a carny is a scary person who is on the darker, wilder side of the crusty world.

Typically wearing dreadlocks, goatie beards, stripey pants, various small bells, and pointy shoes, they are often skilled in juggling or fire breathing.

Commonly found all over Europe but particulary in Czeck Republic, Germany and Norway, not neccessarily having been born there.

They live in a world of red mushrooms with white spots, jesters, gnomes, trolls, dwarfs, chainmail, pointless medievil references and bad music.

They play freaky variants of guitars and mandolins and often speak in rhymes or riddles.

They are rarely seen on TV, One appeared on Ali G, singing a song about "the pixie people"

They dont listen to CDs, opting to play their own freaky rubbish. The closest thing to carny music you might find is a band called "folque" -
Middle class guy on holiday in Prague:
"Oh no, here comes another f&*kin carny"

"Good day good sir, do my stripes offend thee? Or be it the sign of the moon which clads my back?"

Middle class guy on holiday in Prague:
"What? No.. leave me alone please"

"Certain-lee, it will be, Im the gnome with fingers three!" -

Carny runs away dropping two gold coins.
by womoma April 15, 2005
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