Ronald is a sweet person inside and out, he can be mean when he’s not in a good mood, Ronald will always love you matter what. He makes people happy without even knowing it, he makes bad decisions but he’ll fix it sooner or later, if your a girl/boy who is lucky enough to find a Ronald never let him go!
I love you Ronald....
by! January 9, 2019
A Ronald is a strong man, who on the inside is always fighting with himself. But past that is a man, that if you catch, you must hold on for dear life. He is passionate about many things, and never get on his bad side, or you'll regret it. He is sensitive, smart, uses big words to amuse himself with others confusion and he attracts many gorgeous woman. If he has his gaze on you, he will forever love you, one way or another. He is a drinker, and makes bad decisions, but in the end he always makes up for them and will apologize. Always forgive a Ronald. He'll need it.
"Don't worry. A day will come when our lives will intertwine again, so hope for that day, for it will arrive."
"You're such a Ronald.. I love you"
by RayyLove April 8, 2012
A guy who is funny and sexy ass fuck and has the biggest and i mean biggest dick ever in existence
Person one:i just had the most amazing night i met a ronald he is the most sweet sexy rough guy in bed the best

Person two:damn i need to find me a ronald can i use yours

Person one:hell no he is my sexy sweet beast
by Love ass 123 January 1, 2018
A cool dinosaur from the show ECE Dinos made by a girl named Erinelizabeth

Ronald is an angel and cares for his friends, he’s a green, protective dinosaur who will always save his friends
“Did you see the new ECE Dinos episode?? Ronald saves Erin the angel!”
by Pretzel chips June 22, 2019
A very beautiful boy. A joker that loves to play around. He's very funny, and handsome. He is very loyal, and hates people that takes jokes to heart. He forgives and forgets, and he's an amazing person. He's a little controlling and bossy, but that's what girls love most about him.

Everyone loves a Ronald. <3
Omg, is that Ronald?

Yass hunny, hook me up with him, please!

Ronald's so hot today!

*passes out*
by Anonymous Girl 1010 June 29, 2018
King: Warrior, knight in shinning armor. All the women dream of being with a Ronald. tall, dark, and handsome, intelligent, and ravashing,
Ronald is a king. Ruler of the land.

Ronald the warrior of all.

Knowing that ronald is around, you'll always have your knight in shining armor.

Ronald: tall, dark, and handsome.

Being a ronald makes you a ravashing Ron Dawg.
by RonnyDawg November 27, 2009