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Chinese influenced by English

often, abbreviated terms coined by young students interested in word play employing slang english practices and basic Chinese vocabulary

for examples, see terms such as duibs, bukeq, and meiguanx
The American students were prohibited from speaking English, however they often got away using some "student speech," even going so far as to pepper their sentences with engnese terms like duibs, bukeq, and meiguanx. Such terms became extremely popular, and it is rumored that even some teachers used them on rare occasion.
by elliott December 29, 2006
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being like or having traits of a carny; originating from the deep south
Travis is so carn, he has a mullet and drives a '91 Camaro IROC-Z.

Did we just drink at noon? We are sooo carn!
by elliott April 11, 2005
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work completed with sexual favors given in recompense
The cases taken up by the Hipster Defense League over the past several years have been mainly pro boner work.
by elliott December 27, 2005
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one who find sexual arousal in the power politics of communication via the internet, namely, through the messageboard medium
Nobody could understand why little Jimmy kept coming back to the board for more abuse, and eventual deletion, week after week. It finally made sense when we found out Jimmy was a netrosexual; his sole sexual pleasure in life was derived from the thought of an admin deleting his account.
by elliott February 4, 2005
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headache, dry mouth and other hangover-like symptoms which may occur as a result of the consumption of ramen noodles before bed

(Ramen hangover, caused by intake of too much MSG and/or sodium, may be prevented by drinking copious amounts of water as a supplement to pre-bedtime ramen.)
Randy complained to his roommate Kyung that although he had not had even one beer last night, his mouth was dry and his head hurt as if he had a hangover. Kyung just laughed and said, "Randy, is it really all such a blur? Last night before bed, you ate six packs of my Shin Ramyun Seafood flavor while watching Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoons. You, my friend, are suffering from ramen hangover."
by elliott February 11, 2005
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A situation which arises that is unexpected by all involved, it will be very hilarious and will most likely involve strongbow comsumption and no sleep.
"Daves Yard"

"Kevs Van"

by elliott January 15, 2004
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a male hairstyle, popular among computer programmers and fantasy role-playing game enthusiasts, in which hair on the back of the head is held together by a hair tie, forming a small and pathetic pseudo-ponytail
Though head developer Jeff, who referred to himself as Zorgoth, wore his hair in a greasy little phonytail, he imagined it to be a glorious lion's mane that required taming in the workplace.
by elliott February 4, 2005
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