39 definition by Elliott

Any person or thing that’s attracted to shit or shitty situation.
Tabloid journalists are shithawks, as are lawyers.
by Elliott April 17, 2005

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A mixture of Viagra an water. Usually chugged by Gay Carl so that he can pleasure Elliot 24/7.
Wait a sec Elliott let me drink my Viagra Water so I can pound you like there is no tommorow.
by Elliott February 07, 2005

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One whose personality or personal sense of style is so ridiculous you can't help but think of a word to describe it. Ex. A white kid with a purple doo-rag playing basketball. Takes the place for a duesche-bag. Can also be shortened to mease.
Hey look at J.P. over there playing basketball what a mease ass.
by Elliott November 06, 2004

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the act of giving a consumating.com profile as many thumbs down as possible in order to decrease that user's popularity ranking
Elliott's rise to #1 most popular profile on consumating.com was a farce, and turned into quite the scandal after Ben Brown revealed that Elliott only achieved such internet-based notoriety after a vicious campaign of thumb bombing others via numerous fake profiles.
by Elliott February 15, 2006

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a period of unemployment, often in the form of funemployment, directly following one's graduation from college
The weeks, months, and eventually years following his graduation binge drinking and loft parties. Nobody was sure quite how this after-school special would end.
by Elliott September 21, 2006

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A situation which arises that is unexpected by all involved, it will be very hilarious and will most likely involve strongbow comsumption and no sleep.
"Daves Yard"

"Kevs Van"

by Elliott January 14, 2004

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One who has disgraced his or her family by betraying their working-class roots by maintaining a yuppie and often metropolitan or metrosexual lifestyle.
While attending John's family reunion, his fiancee realized that he was the pink sheep of the family; among a sea of XXL Old Navy t-shirts and Cherokee-brand jeans, he wore a vertically striped Banana Republic dress shirt, collar open, carefully tucked into starched and ironed chinos.
by Elliott July 28, 2005

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