18 definitions by Elliot

To refer to someone as stoned.
That guy has been stizled since the third gradz0rz.
by Elliot January 31, 2003
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Derived loosely from the term 'mush', a moosh is a useless individual whose existence is dependant upon leeching off of the hard work of other competent people around him. A moosh is capable of earning his keep, though due to one or more combinations of his laziness, stupidity, and priveledged position, he chooses not to.
The bosse's son at my law firm is a useless, fat, stupid moosh.
by Elliot November 26, 2004
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someone who is always talking to themselves and acting crazy
by Elliot February 4, 2005
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A abbreviation of the name roger. especially used when the name roger is followed by hurd, and the person has mother like qualities and concerns.

This term is commonly used on AIM when saying hello to a roger.

Also see "Rog".
by Elliot April 23, 2005
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The 5th most common word in the USA, with "give", "me", "another" and "burger", just beating it to the top 4 places.
Give me another burger cos i'm a patriot
by Elliot September 22, 2003
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huck: to throw, chuck, lob, whatever
by Elliot March 9, 2005
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