Third largest city in North Carolina, largest in Piedmont Triad region. It is home to Lorillard Tobacco, which makes Newport and Maverick cigarettes among others. Has really nice and really cruddy areas, and Wendover Avenue ain't no fun. Good bars and restaurants, shopping, has a water park, museums (ie Civil Rights Museum), an indoor shooting range near Market St/Friendly Ave, and an outdoor shooting range anywhere on South Elm-Eugene Street or Randelman Rd at night.
Passerby: Why are you always smoking Newport menthols?
Me: I'm helping out Greensboro's economy!
by ptnc_92 November 20, 2013
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GSO, Gboro, The Boro.
A city of the piedmont triad in Guilford County, North Carolina. Population almost 270,000.

Pros: Mostly clean & green.
Downtown is lively.
Good health care.
The public libraries.
The restaurants.

Cons: Sometimes it is impossible to get around slow drivers, smh.
GPS: "Turn right onto Wendover Avenue."

by Dave David June 1, 2012
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The 78th largest city in the USA with about 250k people. Third largest city in North Carolina.
Formerly this city based their economy off of textiles, as the industry moved on Greensboro sustained itself through colleges. Greensboro has six colleges, and thus lots of young people. A growing town with a burgeoning downtown scene. Greensboro is growing and will continue to grow (in part) due to North Carolina's lax annexation laws.
A:I'm going to college in Greensboro!
B: Which college?
A: I'm not sure, I've got it narrowed down to: Guilford, UNCG, Bennett, A&T, or Greensboro College
by ajkriste November 14, 2005
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Literally everyone smokes crack or shoots heroin. Leading the state of North Carolina in shootings and homeless population. The only places this can be compared to is Durham, or Fayetteville with no military presence.
Somebody blacked my eye in Greensboro and took my shoes.
by GateCityGs November 24, 2018
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According to "Men's Health Magazine" it's the 7th dumbest city in America. With nearly 6 colleges this shithole of a town hosts America's finest, from the 1 eyed cafeteria workers at UNC GREENSBORO, to the countless homeless people outside Wendy's!!!
Open a restaurant in Greensboro that sells Fried Chickin, Watermelon, and Collard greens, you'd be filthy Rich!
by Batter February 28, 2005
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it’s a city in nc 10/10 do NOT recommend it’s just really boring there’s honestly not anything to do here and there isn’t anything directly outside of gbo either save yourself the time pls
person 1: what’s there to do in greensboro anyways?
person 2: cowtipping. that’s honestly like it
by abby__ June 25, 2018
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