a nickname for an alcoholic; see alchie
"Hey Alchy! How many have you had tonight? Thirty-eight!? Whoa, there! You need at least fifty to call it a night!"
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Someone who consistently submits themsleves to punishment in the form of over indulgence in alchoholic beverages.
Elliot's an alchy.
by Jayz0r April 29, 2003
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"I need some alchy dammit!!!"
-angry drunk dude
by Dave April 1, 2004
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An abbreviated form of "alcohol" ; pronounced "al-key."
Hey man, did you get the alchy for tonight's party?
by Ramona5000 April 29, 2011
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Alchy is the modern short form for alchemy
Alchy is the philosophical basis of spagyrics
by Juergen Christian August 20, 2006
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A shortened steet term used to describe any alcoholic beverage.
Did anyone manage to get some alchy for Saturday night?
by Shawn Hunt January 23, 2003
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