58 definition by Elizabeth

A miss-spelling of the name Lizzy; turned into a nick name for Elizabeth.
Hey Lixxy! What's up?
by Elizabeth June 04, 2004

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a person that looks really skinny and hot from about 50 feet away, but not 5 feet away
that was the guy i thought wasfine as hell?!?!?
by elizabeth April 09, 2004

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A part of a sailboat used to secure the mast. Its thickness and positioning is perfect to practice giving hand jobs; a great hands on learning experience.
Late one night we caught Hunter teaching Elizabeth how to give a hand job with the forestay
by elizabeth February 01, 2004

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Feeling like, and possibly smelling like, and lying in the position of a turd
I hauled a whole bottle of white lightening and spent the next day in the faecal position on the lounge floor
by Elizabeth April 07, 2005

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one who enjoys sucking on chicken teet. expecially one with a bisexual or homosexual orientation. or PrinceDerek Allums. somewhat similar to the Assgoblin except not as talented at shuffling cards
Wow, PrinceDerek sure is a tittygargoyle. He had that chicken on its back in a flash.
by elizabeth July 20, 2004

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The most wonderufl haircut in the world. Cut short in the front and long in the back. Contains several catergories including Child mullets, femullets, mexican mullets, and pony tail mullets. Common among mullet hunters around the world. Spotted by catherine and elizabeth and honky tonk shows everywhere. The hottest hair form ever.
God I wanna screw that guy with the mullet, he's so sexy.
by Elizabeth June 10, 2002

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Is a New Zealand expression. Never heard of Merrick and Rosso
That was choice ay bro?
by Elizabeth April 07, 2005

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