58 definition by Elizabeth

one who munches on penises and likes it
"That hoe is a little dickmuncher"
by elizabeth December 16, 2003

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An inappropriate use of "we" wherein the speaker is not actually part of the group. In an instance of the Teacher's "we," "you" should always be used instead.
"Today, class, we're going to be learning about idioms." Except, of course, it's YOU that's going to be doing the learning. Foolz. Not me. And certainly not us.
by Elizabeth November 11, 2004

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Mothers who have been categorized as MILFs.
I have been unintentially categorized as a MILF. I wish only to touch basis with other women labeled as MILF's so that we can better understand this trend.

To all you MILF-Hunters. Just because a single mother with a teenager is alone, is not a sign for you to plague and manipulate the situation. Yes, it's flattering and everything, yet what is this trend truly about....?

Thank you for any replies in understanding this....
by Elizabeth August 31, 2004

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the act of accidentally squirting cum on one's own face
Roberto was so excited during the hand job that he performed a self-bukkake. He wasn't sure whether to feel disgusted or proud for making the distance.
by Elizabeth March 28, 2004

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Greeting used by lovers.
Lover #1: "Mee Moo!!!!!"
Lover #2: "Mee Moo!!!!!"
by Elizabeth November 28, 2003

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seriously, for real
she was totally frontin'. on the reals.
by elizabeth March 09, 2004

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expression said to someone when they fall or do something stupid to make them feel worthless
scenario: The quarterback tries to make a pass but trips over his feet instead. The other team would then say, "wear it, biatch!"
by elizabeth October 31, 2004

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